Frequently asked questions

What is UKSN?

UKSN is an outdoor organisation with an emphisis on being prepaired. We promote and help facilitate outdoor skills, bushcraft, survival, self sufficiency, communications and camping.

"The UKSN isn’t about the end of the world, it's about being prepared for what life throws your way and having the knowledge and skills to deal with it head-on".
Glyn Smith UKSN Director

What Membership Options Does the UKSN offer?

The UKSN offers a variety of FREE and paid services depending on your membership tier. From events and camping to livestreams, competitions and so much more. FREE Membership Offers - Basic Digital Membership Pack - Get advice and share skills with the UKSN Community - Access to the UKSN Facebook Group - Access to the UKSN Discord server - Take part in paid raffles STANDARD Membership (£17) Additionally Unlocks: - Full Digital Membership Pack - Memberpass - Access to the UKSN's Radio Licence (UHF/VHF Only) - Access to SN1, letting you have your say on UKSN matters - SN1 only competitions - Unlock the UKSN Forum and member only features ADVANCED Membership (£45) Additionally Unlocks:
- FREE Monthly raffles to win UKSN goodies - Register an Official Charter and access related content - Access the UKSN Crisis Portal (In development)

What is the UKSN's Primary Initiative?

The UKSN’s primary initiative is to connect members of the outdoor, bushcraft, survival and prepper communities creating an online and offline community which allows communication, information sharing and education relating to outdoor skills and activities, self sufficiency, bushcraft, survival, local and national emergencies and camping.

What is the UKSN's Secondary Initiative

UKSN’s secondary initiative is to encourage individuals, families and children to get outdoors camping and interacting with the environment utilising STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Mathematics) principles.

What is UKSN's Mission Statement?

To provide online / offline assistance, communication, education, outdoor skills and tried and tested products to UKSN members, their families and our customers. In addition to this UKSN operates to connect the outdoor, bushcraft, survival and prepping communities.

What Makes UKSN Special?

The UKSN is very special in many ways from how we operate to what we offer. Lets take a look at what makes us special:

> The UKSN have a fully formed Constitution, Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy in place. These documents form the backbone of UKSN and dictate our operating procedures.

> The UKSN hold a special type of Forest School Insurance in addition to Public Liability Insurance. You can rest assured our team is insured to run events, bushcraft and more!
> Our TRIBE Team all hold Advance DBS certificates for your complete piece of mind.
> We have a radio licence from OFCOM that allows you to communicate with other members of the UKSN without having your own personal licence
> The UKSN is one of a small number of organisations to hold a Camping and Caravan Exemption Certificate in England, Scotland and Wales. This allows us to operate campsites for sole use by our members. It additionally grants us permission to Issues certificates. This will enable sites a to operate under UKSN's guidance without needing planning permission or to apply for change of use for the land.
> We have a Small Society Lottery Licence allowing us to legally hold raffles and lotteries with all funds going towards making UKSN a bigger and better place. > We have a Woodland Campsite that will be opening in 2020 for semi wild camping, events and much more.
> We operate P1AN – the official store of the UKSN which sells a range of UKSN merchandise and other goodies! The store helps contribute to the UKSN's overall operating costs so don't forget to make a regular visit. > The UKSN manufacturer its own products titled 'UKSN Survival Gear'. From Fire kits to tinder's, we produce it all 'in house'.
> We are a registered LIMITED Company for legal reasons. This allows us to comply with relevant law and ensure we pay tax on anything we owe. Although LTD, we operate like a community organisation. > We actually own the UKSN trademark. Most of all – OUR dedicated team of UKSN volunteers.

What is the Story Behind UKSN?

UKSN was originally founded in 2014 after areas of the UK and Ireland were battered with heavy floods. This led to the realisation that we needed to both prepare for the future and work together as a community in times of need.
After doing weeks of research, Glyn (our founder) came across a multitude of prepping and survival groups but something became blindly clear. Too many had an overly negative outlook and a heavily alpha male, macho culture.
From this, UKSN was born. With the help of a team of forward thinking, knowledgeable individuals we created one of the most family friendly UK wide, outdoor, bushcraft, self-sufficiency and emergency preparation networks. From survivalists and bushcrafters to campers and outdoor pursuits enthusiasts. The UKSN has something for everyone!

Does the UKSN Have a Constitution?

The UKSN has a fully formed constitutuion which can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Does the UKSN Have a Child Protection Policy?

Indeed we do! All of our volunteers who deal with children also hold DBS certificates! To download our policy CLICK HERE

Does UKSN Have a Code of Conduct for its Members?

Absolutely! We expect all members to follow the code of conduct at all times. CLICK HERE to download.

Does the UKSN Have an Anti Bullying Policy?

Of course! We despise bullying of any kind. Download our policy by clicking HERE.

What is a UKSN Region?

UKSN regions are simply a method of dividing the country for operational and communication purposes. Most regional activities are run by SN1 members (or their charters) for other regional members and not operated directly by UKSN unless otherwise stated.

How many UKSN Regions make up the UK?

The UKSN is made up of 6 core regions plus a regional outpost for expats including: Region 1: Scotland & Ireland Region 2: Wales Region 3: North West & West Midlands (England) Region 4: North East & East Midlands (England) Region 5: South West (England) Region 6: South East (England)

What is a UKSN Charter?

Charters are individual, highly localised groups that are privately operated by UKSN members but run under UKSN’s guidance. Charters are designed to bring local individuals, family’s and friends together forming a tight local support network. This smaller network can then aid its members in an emergency situation and even act as a socialising tool. Some Charters choose to hold events, training and other activities, while others simply get together at the weekend to go camping with the kids. A Charter is what you make it.

What is a Registered Charter?

Registered charters are OFFICIAL UKSN Charters - recognised by the UKSN. They agree to run under the guidance of UKSN and comply with any rules implemented for the safety and security of members. Registered Charters will additionally gain access to a variety of services as they are developed. Please Note: To create a registered Charter - Advanced Membership is required

What is an Unregistered Charter?

Unregistered charters are no less part of UKSN but have not yet officially registered. They are not eligible to take part in certain activities, events and training. In addition to this unregistered Charters are not listed within the online Charter area.

How do i Form a Registered Charter?

First off, sign up as an Advanced Member and then create your Charter within the ' Charter Portal'. Once that is done - follow our steps below! 1. Gather your local nearest and dearest (who share the same mindset). Don't forget to get them to join UKSN if they aren't already and sign them up to your Charter within the 'Charter Portal'. 2. Formulate a personal and local emergency action plan for the relevant issues that could affect your area. 3. Create a direct method of communication with your Charter. We advise having a WhatsApp Group and each member having a HAM radio such as the UV-5R sold by P1AN. Dont forget paid members get access to the UKSN radio licence! 4. Ensure each member of the charter has a Bug out Bag containing the key items to survive 72h away from home. 5. Regularly monitor local news and radio for any local emergences that could affect members of your Charter. Report any important news to your Charter and Share with UKSN via the Incident Report Form if there is any threat to life. (Dont forget to sign up for flood alerts by visiting: https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings ) 6. Practice, practice, practice – get out camping with those local to you and practice basic bushcraft and survival skills. We also recommend taking a first aid course.

How Can i Join UKSN's Facebook Group?

Simply visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uksurvivalnetwork/

Why is the UKSN Registered as a Limited Company?

Although UKSN is a registered limited company, the ‘UKSN community’ and TRIBE actually operate for the benefit of its members and operate in a non profit manner. Any profits generated from membership helps to pay for continued operation and the development of new services, activities and projects. In fact, since UKSN's conception we have operated at a total loss every year with volunteers and donations keeping us operational.