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Learn Bushcraft, Survival and Communication skills within a safe Family Friendly environment.

Bringing the outdoor community together

UKSN was created to bring the whole outdoor community together. Whether you enjoy Adventure, Survival & Prepping or Bushcraft – UKSN is for you.


The world we live in is highly unstable. Create a B.O.B, Learn survival techniques, Comms skills, Bushcraft and more with UKSN.

Get outside

We promote the outdoors as a healthy free way to entertain the kids, get fit and have fun as a family. Turn off the video games, Put down the keyboard and get outdoors.

Connect with your ancestors

In this age of technology and 24 hour connected media it is imperative to get outside and feel connected to our ancestors. They had skills we cant afford to loose.

Open your eyes

Open your eyes and look to the future by learning from our past. Become a better, more informed person who can make decisions based on knowledge and not 'propaganda'. We believe in hard facts - Not what is distributed by the media.

Member orientated

We offer paid membership from just £15 a year which includes access to our radio licence. This means you can finally use your UV-5R on specific frequencies. As all of our profits go towards group operation it's no wonder that we're rapidly growing. Currently, we have over 2400 members worldwide, with over 1800 of them based in the UK.


We are one of the fastest growing, most forward thinking 'bushcraft' groups available to join in the UK today


I founded UKSN at the end of 2014 after a news report on flooding made me realise how unprepared we are. This led to an eye opening journey across the web were I found that other people had had the same epiphany: we need to be prepare for the 'unknown'. After joining various groups I realised I didn't share most of their outlooks. I'm personally very much pro-life and hold many humanist views, ideals the other groups didn't seem to uphold. After a little while I also noticed the groups were great at discussing things, but unable to put anything into practice. I wanted something better. From this, UKSN was born. With the help of a team of forward thinking, knowledgeable individuals we've created one of the fastest growing UK wide networks. Spending a combined 50+ hours a week building on what we have already sown.

UKSN is a group that believes in getting outside and practicing what we preach. Family friendly and unbiased, a group that is truly run for its members. We believe through knowledge and a little forward thinking you can ensure you and your family will thrive in situations where others would struggle.

Glyn Smith - UKSN founder

We offer:

  • A family friendly environment
  • A 'base' to share knowlege & skills
  • Camping, Bushcraft and Adventurous Activities
  • Monthly live streams
  • Competitions

Paid members additionally get:

  • Digital membership pack & welcome Email
  • Membership challenge coin
  • Member Velcro Patch*
  • Paracord survival bracelet*
  • Full website & Forum access
  • SN1 membership
  • Use of the group radio licence
  • Priority invites*
  • Automatic entry into competitions

*Only available on certain membership tiers


We asked our members to supply an honest testimonial for UKSN - These are literally the first 3 members that supplied them.
UKSN is more then just a group, it's a movement. This platform allows people from all backgrounds and walks of life to come together virtually (via Facebook, the forum, etc) and physically (via meets and camps) to share their collective experience and knowledge and to put these to good use! From the moment I joined I felt welcome and valued as a member, no question is too stupid and people really value your input. So much so that major decisions are often put out to a vote thus allowing members a chance to steer the groups direction. The tenacity and personalities of the founders and admins really help gel the group as a collective unit capable of achieving great things and their passion is infectious. Ive watched this group of like-minded individuals go from strength to strength and look forward to the future, safe in the knowledge that the skills I'm learning within this group will help keep my family safe whatever happens.


UKSN is like being in a family. We teach, we learn and we support each other. If you have problems no matter what you can reach out and people in this group respond. Thanks to all for making UKSN a great group to belong to.

Trevor Stephens

UKSN is the one stop destination on the web if you are in anyway interested in Bushcraft, Wild-camping, Survival or Prepping. A 'no nonsense', yet humour filled, UK based group with committed admins and members, growing fast and becoming that rarest of rare things, an actual Community.

Steven Cholerton



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