UKSN Community Hub


Welcome to the new UKSN Community Hub.

Whether you are new to the 'wilderness', or already an avid outdoorsman (or woman) - the UKSN is for people who embrace the outdoor lifestyle and want to prepare for the unexpected.

From camping and adventurous activities, to bushcraft and beyond, we are a family friendly, community led organisation that is dedicated to sharing knowledge, skills, and techniques that help prepare you for whatever life throws your way!

Join The Revolution

Introducing the UKSN Community Hub

In 'Partnership' with Mighty Networks we have been building something amazing. A member orientated community that delivers a unique, personalised UKSN experience.
We call it the UKSN Community Hub

Although the 'Hub' is still very much in its infancy, it already offers some amazing functionality that members will truly love.

To purchase membership or access the UKSN Community Hub, please watch the step by step video below.


How do I purchase membership / access the new UKSN Hub?