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Frequently asked questions

What is a UKSN Charter?

Charters are member run groups that are operated under the 'guidance' of UKSN. They are designed to get members out and about exploring nature, keep fit, learn new skills and most importantly - help in time of emergency both locally and nationally. Charters additional act as UKSN hubs that can assist members. They also help enable local communication, training and much more.

What is a Registered Charter?

Registered charters are OFFICIAL UKSN Charters - recognised by the UKSN. They agree to run under the guidance of UKSN and comply with any rules implemented for the safety and security of members. Registered Charters unlock a variety of benefits such a public Charter pages, listed events and a special area for Charter leaders. Please Note: To create a registered Charter - Advanced Membership is required!

How do I form a Registered Charter?

Sign up as an Advanced Member and then follow the instructions HERE. Why not consider purchasing the Charter Registration Pack? You will recieve a registration certificate and Custom Charter Banner! To read more about the pack CLICK HERE.

How do i join a local Charter?

If you want to join a local Charter we advise dropping them an Email. You can find your local Charters and their contact information by locating them on the map. Alternatively post within the Charter Enquiries section on the Forum. We do not advise requesting to join a Charter without first enquiring. If you can't find anything local - why not take out Advanced Membership and create one?

What Region do i live in?

To find out the UKSN Region you reside in CLICK HERE.

Do i have to be a paid member to join a UKSN Charter

We require Standard membership or above to join a UKSN Charter.