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FREE 14 Week Survival Challenge

If you are looking to challenge yourself and learn new skills why not take part in our FREE 14 week basic survival challenge? We are going to be posting the challenges via the blog each week. You can then share your pictures, videos and results within the dedicated post or even via the UKSN Facebook Group


> No sign up required to view challenges via the UKSN Blog

> Free to take part

> 2-3 New Bushcraft / Survival challenges each week for 14 weeks

> Over 30+ Individual challenges designed to develop core skills

> Work at your own pace

> Share your progress with the UKSN community

Can't wait to get started?

If you want to get started right away we have a special mobile version which tracks your progress and more.  If you are feeling extremely brave or want something particularly challenging why not see if you can complete our 30 day challenge instead? It involves rapidly completing all of the challenges in a single month!

To sign up click the button below - download the app, create your FREE account and get started today!

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