UKSN Update

Hi ladies and gents, its time for a bit of an update on UKSN and current projects.

You may be thinking what's in store for UKSN? Well we can finally unveil our plans.

UKSN 2.0

UKSN is currently going through a major overhaul which we expect to be completed early 2021. The Framework for UKSN 2.0 is well underway and this will created a solid foundation for the UKSN we have always strived for from the very conception.

"I have always seen UKSN as a testing ground and never been afraid to try new things. Some projects have worked, others have failed - you live and learn. No one can ever say we haven't tried. Without daring to be different and accepting failures as well as successes, you simply can't develop or mature."

Glyn Smith - UKSN Director


With the help of modern technology and a little knowhow we are creating a fully automated website that has Charters at its very core. The website will act as a complete hub containing all of UKSNs services in a single location. From store to blog, forum and much more. It's even got a built in booking platform...

The aim is to slowly transition from other platforms like Facebook to pretty much exclusively operate from our website.

Our Facebook group will be going nowhere anytime soon - so don't worry!


Charters are moving into UKSNs central focus. Pretty much everything will revolve around them. If you are reading this thinking, what is a Charter? You probably won't be alone. Charters are member run groups that are operated under the 'guidance' of UKSN. They are designed to get members out and about exploring nature, keep fit, learn new skills and most importantly - help in time of emergency both locally and nationally. Charters act as hubs that can assist members. They also help enable local communication, training and much more.

We a currently building an array of tools that will allowing you to successfully run your very own UKSN Charter and take part in UKSN scenario days!


The next area of concentration is communications. We still strive to have our very own network communication infrastructure and not rely on Zello or other third party services. Unfortunately it's taking a little more time and money than anticipated.

What we are proposing is a 'day to day' network that will allow us full operational control. The UKSN Communication Network will unlock doors for the community. It will even enable us to dispatch volunteers in times of crisis and monitor those within a 'hot zone'.

In the meanwhile, we are using Zello so be sure to sign up to our channels. Yes, its currently underutilized but this will change in the coming months as new services go live.

Alongside this we will be continuing to offer our standard radio licence designed for close quarter comms. We will likely see some changes to the channel set in the coming months. This will be available as a free download or you can send your radio in to be programmed at a relatively low cost.

Geocache / Kitcache

We are developing a fully integrated and completely automated cache area that will enable you to locate or even add caches. This service will be particularly good for families but with the added addition of member only Kitcaches - enable you to find local supplies in an emergency.

Other Goals

> Events

From 2021 we are hoping to yet again hold at least 1 family camp per year. They will be CAMPING ONLY unlike our previous yearly camps that provided an array of daily activities. This is to help keep costs as low as possible for members.

Most camps and activities from 2021 will be run primarily by Charters. If a Charter decides to run an OPEN event you will be able to take part so keep your eyes peeled. All events will be posted on a special area dedicated to your region. This is currently under development as part of the Charters project.

> Guides

We are developing an array of in depth guides which will cover everything from flooding to fires. Not only will they cover at a personal level but also a Charter, region and national level.

> Challenges

We aim to develop yet more FREE challenges for the UKSN community. The challenges are not only fun but allow you to learn new skills.

> Raffle

We have recently changed the raffle so you can now win upto half of any funds raised! The rest goes towards community operation and helps cover costs. We know most of you are not of the fan of the current service, so with this in mind we are developing our very own service which will be less of a pain to use.

Please, please take part if you can as this is our primary way to fundraise at the moment.

> Merchandise

We are asked endlessly - where can we get a UKSN T-shirt? Wonder no longer we are going to be opening an ethically produced T-shirt store within the next quarter.

Do you like all of the changes that are coming? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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