UKSN General Update

We firstly want to thank members for the continued support. You guys (and girls) have been amazing. We have had our ups and downs but over the years we have held some amazing events and helped 1000's of members connect with their 'hobby' / way of life.

Sadly, due to the current tough conditions we are struggling and may not see the end of 2020. In general, sales / paid memberships are down which is affecting operation quite considerably. Without your support we simply cannot continue. This is also being compounded by the current outbreak as we are unable to open the campsite or purchase stock for the store. We still have overheads to pay and our backup reserve is very low.

If you do want to help, please consider:

> Purchasing from the store > Buying a few raffle tickets > Purchasing membership

> Donate a small amount to show your support Other updates

TOGS Wood / UKSN Campsite.

Due to the current outbreak we have to sadly announce the recent event we had planned at TOGS Wood has been canceled. We hope to get something arranged for those people we were attending as soon as the Coronavirus situation under control. If you wish to request a refund please get in touch, if you are happy waiting for the event to be rescheduled - please await further information. In addition to this we are having a few issues with the site. Financially we were heavily relying on the woodland to generate much needed funds. Without it, we are going to be in dire straights.

P1AN Orders are currently behind schedule as some of our volunteers came down with the virus. This means nothing has been shipped in the last few weeks. With this said we do state it can take upto 4 weeks for delivery so we are still within the window advised.

Zello Zello is currently being rolled out - initially to SN1 members first and in the coming weeks, everyone else. Please keep an eye on our Facebook groups for more information. Thank you for reading The UKSN Team

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