UKSN Challenge Coin 2018 edition - Limited Stock

We have a super limited quantity of UKSN 2018 challenge coins available to purchase.

The UKSN 2018 Challenge Coin

The 2018 Coin features 2 completely redesigned faces whilst taking aspects from the older coin and overhauling them for 2018. The beautifully crafted dual sided 44mm coin is manufactured from Zinc and Plated with both antique nickel and gold for a premium finish.

Every element of the coin has a hidden meaning - From the 16 spokes to the Ursa major and minor which indicate the location of Polaris - The north star. This not only aids in its location but indicates as a group we are always moving forward.

Choose Your Challenge

We have 2 versions available starting from only £12! If you are going to display the challenge coin why not upgrade to the presentation box for an extra £3?

To purchase yours visit:


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