UKSN 14 Week Basic Survival Challenge - Week 8

Survival Challenge

The Eighth week of the UKSN Community Challenge starts today! Learn about the UKSN and take part in weekly challenges, tasks and skills! Can you complete them all?

Don't forget to share your progress and pictures of your daily challenges on our Facebook group or in the comment section below.

This week you have 2 challenges to complete!

Challenge 1:

First Aid - The Recovery Position

The Challenge Learn and practice the recovery position

When to put someone in the recovery position It’s safe to place someone in the recovery position who is not responding to you but is breathing normally. When someone is put into the recovery position their airway is kept open and any vomit would drain away without interfering with their breathing.

Step 1: If you find someone collapsed, you should first perform a primary survey. If it shows that they are unresponsive but breathing, put them in the recovery position. Step 2: Kneel by the casualty and straighten their legs. > If they are wearing glasses, or have any bulky items in their pockets, remove them. Do not search their pockets for small items.

Step 3: Place the arm that is nearest to you at a right angle to their body, with the elbow bent and their palm facing upwards.

Step 4: Bring their other arm across their chest and place the back of their hand against the cheek nearest to you. Hold it there.

Step 5: With your other hand, pull their far knee up so that their foot is flat on the floor

Step 6: Keeping the back of the casualty’s hand pressed against their cheek, pull on the far leg to roll the casualty towards you on to their side. You can then adjust the top leg so that it is bent at a right angle.

Step 7: Gently tilt the casualty’s head back and lift their chin to make sure their airway stays open. You can adjust the hand under their cheek to do this.

Step 8: Call 999/112 for emergency help if it hasn’t already been done. Monitor their level of response while waiting for help to arrive. > If they remain in the recovery position for 30 minutes, roll them into the recovery position on the other side.

For more information and a video - visit: https://www.sja.org.uk/get-advice/first-aid-advice/unresponsive-casualty/how-to-do-the-recovery-position/

These steps have been taken from the St john Ambulance website. Please consider donating and support the very important work they do by visiting: https://www.sja.org.uk/donate/

Challenge 2:

Grow Potatoes

Growing food is a big part of self sufficiency and being able to grow vegetables will help you survive in a whole host of different scenarios. One of the easiest things to grow is a crop we all know and love - the humble potato. The Challenge There is heavy disruption to the supply chain across all major supermarkets in the UK. Time to fend for ourselves! Grab your bag of trusty potatoes - lets create a substantial harvest! Items Required - Potatoes - Egg box - A bucket - Compost / Soil - A drill Instructions Step 1: Chit the potatoes by placing a few potatoes in an egg box. Step 2: Place the open box a light, frost-free room. Step 3: Once the potatoes start developing shoots (approximately 2.5cm in length) they’re ready for planting. Step 4: Get a large bucket or other container and drill a few holes in the bottom. You could also use a large bag. Step 5: Add a good thick layer of soil to the container so it covers 1/3 to 1/4th of the depth. Step 6: Add 3 or 4 potatoes. Don't over do it! Step 7: Cover the potatoes with the compost so they are just below the surface. Step 8: Once the potato plants are around 9" above the soil - recover until there is only a few inches still visible. Step 9: Repeat the process until you can't add anymore soil. Step 10: Allow the plants to continue growing Step 11: Leave the potatoes in the ground until the leaves turn yellow and die down. if you want smaller new potatoes - simply harvest earlier!

Don't forget to water regularly, especially in warm, sunny weather!

Other Options

If potatoes are currently out of season, think about something else you could grow. There are many things that you can easily grow indoors year round including many leafy vegetables.

Did you know? You can actually regrow fruit and vegetables from many supermarket bought foods including tomatoes, strawberries and many herbs. If you need carrot seeds simply cut the top off a carrot and place in a saucer of water. Allow the shoots to grow - Eventually they will flower and seed!

Let us know how you get on using the comments section below or posting via our Facebook group. In fact, why not post on both?

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