UKSN 14 Week Basic Survival Challenge - Week 13

Survival Challenge

The thirteenth week of the UKSN Community Challenge starts today! Learn about the UKSN and take part in weekly challenges, tasks and skills! Can you complete them all?

Don't forget to share your progress and pictures of your daily challenges on our Facebook group or in the comment section below.

This week you have 2 challenges to complete!

Challenge 1:

Be Appy!

Smartphones connect us like never before and allow us access to vast amounts of information. You can even download maps which will allow you to navigate using GPS - even without a network connection!

With this said, how do we know what apps and services will benefit us out of the millions available? Worry no more! Here are the top 10 apps we think you should download on your smartphone.

Today's challenge: Download and familiarise yourself with them all!

> ViewRanger: As used by search and rescue teams across the UK, ViewRanger puts maps, route guides and GPS navigation features at your fingertips! Visit: https://www.viewranger.com/en-gb or search ViewRanger on the app store

> What3Words: what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. They have assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address that will never change. For example ///filled.count.soap marks the exact entrance to what3words’ London headquarters. What2Words is now used by most local emergency services in the UK

Visit: https://what3words.com/

or search What3words on the app store

> Emergency: The FREE British Red Cross Emergency app can help you deal with emergencies. You can also set up emergency alerts for your area. This includes severe weather warnings!

Visit: https://www.redcross.org.uk/get-help/prepare-for-emergencies/free-emergency-apps

or search Emergency on the app store

> CitizenAid: The app is a step-by-step guide on how the public can act to stay safe and save lives of the injured. It provides clear and simple direction on how to prioritise the injured, how to deal with life-threatening bleeding, and how to communicate with the 999 services in a structured way using the mnemonics SLIDE and MIST. Visit: https://www.citizenaid.org/home or search CitizenAid ion the app store

> Windy: From Weather forecasts to tidal information, Windy is the number one weather app! We also use their handy integration tools for the Threat Centre! Visit: https://www.windy.com/ or search Windy on the app store > Bridgefy: Bridgefy is an offline messaging app that lets you communicate with friends and family when you don't have access to Internet, by simply turning on your Bluetooth antenna. Ideal for music festivals, sports stadiums, rural communities, natural disasters, etc.

Visit: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/bridgefy-3

or search Bridgefy on the app store

> Zello: Zello is the highest rated push-to-talk app, connecting 140 Million users globally, empowering frontline workers, teams, and communities through instant and crystal-clear voice messaging. Zello is also used by UKSN and we have a variety of UKSN channels available!

Visit: https://zello.com/ or search Zello on the app store

> Grow Your Own: The RHS Grow Your Own app is full of down-to-earth advice to help everyone grow fresh, healthy fruit, vegetables and herbs

Visit: https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/grow-your-own/app or search Grow Your own on the app store

> Too Good To Go: Save money and rescuing delicious, unsold food from local cafes, stores and restaurants.

Visit: https://toogoodtogo.co.uk/en-gb

or search Too Good To Go on the app store

> Olio: Olio connect neighbours with each other and Food Waste Hero volunteers with local businesses, to share food (and other things) rather than chuck them away.

Visit: https://olioex.com/ or search Olio on the app store

Challenge 2:

Celestial Navigation - Locating True North

For thousands of years Polaris has been used as a reference point for navigators, sailors and astronomers. if you know how to locate it, you will never be lost!

The Challenge You have managed to travel in circles for the last few hours. As darkness descends you know the North Star is your 'savior'. It's time to locate the Pole Star and make your way to freedom.


Step 1: Locate the BIG DIPPER - a constellation of stars known as the Ursa Major. Step 2: Imagine there is a line connecting the two front stars of the Big Dipper. If you follow this line, the first bright star you come to is Polaris, the North Star.


To confirm you have found Polaris, ensure the star is part of the handle of the Little Dipper - otherwise known as Ursa Minor.

To take this a step further - locate Cassiopeia. This also points to the North Star. Combine all of this knowledge and you know your heading true North!

Let us know how you get on using the comments section below or posting via our Facebook group. In fact, why not post on both?

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