UKSN 14 Week Basic Survival Challenge - Week 1

Survival Challenge

Our UKSN Community Challenge starts today! Learn about the UKSN and take part in weekly challenges, tasks and skills! Can you complete them all?

Don't forget to share your progress and pictures of your daily challenges on our Facebook group or in the comment section below.

This week you have 2 challenges to complete plus help UKSN by liking and sharing the public page.

Challenge 1:

Tie Two Basic Knots (Timber Hitch & Clove Hitch)

Being able to tie a good knot is not only useful but could be a lifesaver!

The Challenge

Tie 2 basic knots. The knots you are required to tie are a Timber Hitch and a Clove Hitch.

> The Timber Hitch is generally used to attach a log or cylindrical object to a length of rope. Its very secure when under tension but easily untied when no tension is applied. This makes it ideal for pulling logs.

> A Clove Hitch is designed as a temporary securing knot that is very adjustable since feeding in rope from either direction will loosen the knot to be tightened at a new position.

Items required

- Rope or string

Timber Hitch Instructions

Clove Hitch Instructions

Challenge 2:

First Aid - The Primary Survey

The Challenge

Learn and practice the primary survey

What is the primary survey? The primary survey is a quick way to find out how to treat any life threatening conditions a casualty may have in order of priority. We can use DR ABC to do this: Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation.

Step 1: Danger. Before approaching the casualty, always make sure the area is safe.

Step 2: Response. Check if the casualty is responsive or unresponsive. As you approach them, introduce yourself and ask them questions to see if you can get a response. Kneel next to their chest and gently shake their shoulders, asking, ‘What has happened?’, ‘Open your eyes!’. > If the casualty opens their eyes, or gives another gesture, they are responsive. > If they do not respond to you in any way they are unresponsive and should be treated as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Airway. Next, you need to check that the airway is open and clear. Open the airway by placing one hand on the forehead to tilt the head back and use two fingers from the other hand to lift the chin. > If they are unresponsive, you need to move on to breathing as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Breathing. You now need to check if the casualty is breathing normally. Place your ear above their mouth, looking down their body. Listen for sounds of breathing and see if you can feel their breath on your cheek. Watch to see if their chest moves. Do this for 10 seconds. > If they are unresponsive and not breathing, you need to call 999/112 for emergency help and start CPR straight away. Ask a helper to find and bring a defibrillator (AED). > If they are responsive and breathing move on to circulation.

Step 5: Circulation. Once you have established they are breathing, look and check for any signs of severe bleeding. > If they are bleeding severely you will need to control and treat the bleeding by applying direct pressure to the wound. Call 999/112 for emergency help. > If they are unresponsive and breathing but with no bleeding, put them in the recovery position and call 999/112 for emergency help

For more information and a video - visit: https://www.sja.org.uk/get-advice/first-aid-advice/how-to/how-to-do-the-primary-survey/

These steps have been taken from the St john Ambulance website. Please consider donating and support the very important work they do by visiting: https://www.sja.org.uk/donate/

Challenge 3:

Share the Love

This challenge is a super simple but very important to helping grow the community! Please LIKE and SHARE the public UKSN page.


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