Thank You For The Support!

I just want to personally thank everyone that is a paid member to UKSN and who actively supports me and what UKSN is trying to achieve.

I want to thank the mods and the volunteers behind the scenes. I want to thank everyone past and present for making UKSN what it is today. Without you, it wouldn't have been possible.

Yes, sometimes it may look like not much is happening within the group but i can assure you that i am working tirelessly to create something amazing. It will take years and years to build and develop my vision and the framework required. Its very much a case of being patient unfortunately....

In the end we will have a very strong community with real world infrastructure. Even now some of the features we have embedded in the website are worlds apart from anything else available.

Please keep supporting us! Wave the UKSN flag, help develop the community! Its so important that we all work together!

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