SN1 Facemask Preorder

Due to the impending rules about wearing facemasks on public transport and a potential wave 2 of the virus we are having a few adult face masks manufactured.

Initially it was just for volunteers but we have an additional 6 units potentially available for SN1 members.

If there is a lot of interest we can order additional batches but they are going to be very limited and available to paid members only.

This first batch will cost £10 plus £2.99 postage. Future batches will cost a little more.

The masks themselves are made from a 2 ply accredited knit polyester and feature an elastic band that goes around the head ensuring they are comfortable. They also feature a pocket designed to take a PM 2.5 filter which we will also be getting in stock.

The masks in no way offer complete protection but will offer a far better standard of protection than the 'homemade' masks on offer or standard surgical masks.

If you are interested please comment on the relevant SN1 Facebook Group Post.

We cannot guarantee everyone that shows interest will get one. We have to order in batches of 15, 25 or 50 so have to get the required number of pre orders.

The design shown is what we are likely going for but a few changes may be implemented. If you have any ideas please shout up!

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