Recent Membership Changes - Please Read

Hi Ladies and Gents

Due to a recent 'incident' involving monthly memberships we have implemented a few key changes that may affect you.

This year we decided to offer a monthly membership tier that could be spread across 12 equal payments. This was introduced to allow members the ability to spread the cost of membership, making it affordable to everyone. We understood that even £17 a year can be a big hit for someone on a low income.

Sadly, a few members have ruined our ability to offer a monthly membership option. With this said, If you are currently on a monthly membership tier - dont worry, nothing will change for you.

In light of this we have made some changes including:

  • Removed the monthly membership option (Still available by request for long standing members - at our discretion)

  • Transferred the membership pack to the DOWNLOAD CENTRE

  • Removed the ability to access the membership pack from dropbox

  • Updated the membership PDF

UKSN heavily relies on membership subs to cover an array of costs. We operate 100% legally and things like public liability insurance, forest school insurance, volunteer insurance, DBS checks, OFCOM Radio licences, equipment, land rental plus an array of general business fees such as TAX, Accountants etc, all add up.

The coronavirus has hit us just as hard as everyone else. To continue operation we need your support at this time, more than ever.

If you have been personally hit by financial issues and cant afford a monthly payment or simply cant afford membership but really want to join, simply get in touch. We will do everything we can to help! At the end of the day, we are here to help - thats the whole point of UKSN.

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