P1AN is Closing...

P1AN Store Closure

Its a sad day for the P1AN team but unfortunately due to lack of orders and increasing overheads it's simply not viable or profitable to remain open.

As of today P1AN will be closing its 'doors' and no longer taking orders.

How does this affect UKSN?

P1AN has helped us to fund operation for along time now, bringing in around 90% of all the profit that was use to fund UKSN. This obviously leaves a massive gap in our ability to cover costs.

We need your help more than ever!

By purchasing membership, shopping in the store, grabbing a few raffle tickets or even just buying from AMAZON you are helping to fund our continued operation.

P1AN Statement


Firstly, thank you for the years of support! It's been a fantastic journey and we have met so many amazing customers and UKSN community members. Unfortunately due to the current climate, family commitments and other related issues we are no longer able to continue the operation of P1AN in its current format. What does the future hold? Who knows. Times are uncertain for many small companies and retailers. Profits are down, overheads are up and competition is tough. With this said, there is good news.... We are slowly integrating parts of the store into the new UKSN website offering a completely unified experience.  In addition to this, we are going to be concentrating on UKSN branded clothing and other awesome UKSN goodies! Thanks for reading and the continued support! Glyn, Laura and the UKSN Team P.S - Orders will still go out as normal for anyone who has anything outstanding.


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