Januarys Latest UKSN Winners...

Huge congratulations go to this months winners! Thank you for everyone who took part in the monthly paid raffle and to everyone who regularly contributes to the community. UKSN wouldn't be the same without you.

Januarys Paid Raffle Winner (Vouchers) We are excited to announce Januarys raffle winner is:

Ian Byrom

Januarys Advanced Member Raffle Winner (Small Mystery Box)

Januarys FREE Advanced raffle winner is:

Stephen Paterson

Facebook Top Contributor

Recently we announced that the top 10 UKSN Facebook group contributors (each month) will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a UKSN mystery box!

This month the randomly selected winner is:

Chris Welland

Are You a Winner? If you have won a prize this month, don't forget to complete the claim form and for more information visit: https://www.uksn.org.uk/uksn-raffle

If you aren't already...

Why not consider becoming an Advanced Member to get automatically entered into monthly advanced member only raffles plus gain an array of great benefits including access to the Crisis Centre and the ability to register your own UKSN Charter. Head over to membership page to read more.

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