Introducing the NEW UKSN website

Welcome to the all new, UKSN Website!

From booking your next camping trip, to shopping at P1AN - its all now one big ecosystem combining all of your accounts. You can even signup using your Google or Facebook credentials allowing for seamless access.

Almost everything can be accessed from the new website including:

- Booking your next camping trip at TOGS Wood (UKSN Campsite)

- Kit rental at Togs Wood (UKSN Campsite)

- Booking events

- UKSN Membership

- P1AN (UKSN Store)

- News, reviews and how to guides

- Member area

- Forum

- Charter area

- Crisis Centre

- Download Centre

- Incident reporting

- Chat

and much more...

Our new website is also tiered. This means depending on your membership package you can access different aspects of the site.

> FREE Members can access basic features such as the Store and general information.

> Basic Members (£5) can access pretty much the same as FREE Members. The only difference is Basic Members can use our campsite and attend events and activities. They can also apply for the MemberPass once officially available.

> Standard (£17) / Monthly Members (£2 per month) unlock the majority of the website including forum and member area plus gain access to our radio licence and SN1 Facebook group, In addition they can also apply for the MemberPass once officially available.

> Advanced Members (£45) unlock access to pretty much everything including the Crisis Centre and entry into a special advanced member only raffle each month. The MemberPass is also included. We highly recommend this membership option for the best UKSN experience!

Current Members

Current UKSN members simply need to sign up as a free member by signing in, then drop us a message with your SN1 number and membership purchase date (if possible). Your account can then be upgraded.

If your membership is running out simply sign up on one of the paid membership packages to gain access immediately.

Additional Information

> Current members who paid £17 per year will be moving to the standard package.

> Ultimate members who paid £100 for 3 years will be moving to the advanced (£45 per year) package at no extra cost and gaining a FREE year. You will still receive your yearly challenge coin until membership expiry.

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