Achievement unlocked - UKSN is bigger and better than ever!

If you are wondering why is UKSN for me?...it's easy! We are the most forward thinking organisation that is becoming bigger and better every single day.

This year we have implemented tons of new member centric features and services!

In the last year we have:

> Become a caravan and camping exempt organisation allowing us to legaly operate campsites and rallys across England, Scotland and Wales.

> Signed up for DBS checking services allowing us to 'check volunteers'.

> Applied and granted a small society lottery licence for member raffles.

> Introduced a new unified website and blog.

> Built a new members area and forum.

> Created the UKSN Crisis Centre for

monitoring issues worldwide.

> Implemented deep Zello integration ready for digital comms (coming soon).

> Building an eco friendly, ethically manufactured member clothing store (coming soon).

> Giving away FREE basic reusable protective face masks to paid members.

> Operating a FREE advance member raffle.

> Introduction of the FREE 30 day challenge which is designed to help develop key outdoor skills.

Its been a busy year already! Let's see what we can get done in the next 5 or so months....

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