10 'Bushcraft' Tips Submitted by Members

10 of the best Bushcraft tips submitted by UKSN members

On Friday (via our Facebook group) we asked: "What invaluable tips do you have to pass on?"

Here is a list of the top 10 responses. Don't forget to share yours at the bottom of this post!

Member Tips

"Bacon fat on a knife and axe head when stored in a leather sheath keeps rust at bay."

- Lee F

"There’s no prizes for being uncomfortable. Packing to be ultra light weight is great but make sure you are warm,dry and will sleep comfortably, otherwise you won’t have a great time."

- Joseph T W

"While lighting fires the traditional way - flint and steel, bow drill, etc etc is a lot of fun and will keep you in good stead should everything go pear shaped on you one day - sometimes you want a fire quickly because you're cold and wet and hungry. Starting a fire when everything is damp or wet is tricky at best, impossible at worst, so I always carry a little bit of 'cheat kit' with me. It's small, light and will get a fire going in almost any conditions. The tea light - put one of these under a bundle of twigs and you'll have a fire going in no time."

- LJ S

"Take a journal with you, write down thoughts that you learn and what you want to learn. Then when you get back from the woods you know what to look up, but writing something down also helps commit it to memory."

- Richard D

"Check kit, then check again - test items etc prior to heading out"

- David M

"Always have a good base layer under you when sleeping on the ground - wool is best."

- Anita O

"Always take more than you need, spare clothes, water, food, etc."

- Cosmin K

Layers are better than thick jackets

- Michael P

"I like to download bushcraft/survival videos onto me phone and then watch at my peril offline. Some videos of basic knots, how to skin animals set up traps safely. I never hunt food when i'm out as fresh meat is readily available from supermarkets. But its knowledge i like to have."

- Russell T M

Crack your eggs pour into a bottle easier to carry.

- Michael P

Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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