Please take a moment to read the RULES / CODE OF CONDUCT.



  • Treat all UKSN 'Staff' and members of the UKSN community with respect at all times.

  • Inappropriate language and the posting of NSFW "adult", disturbing or offensive material is forbidden.

  • Controversial issues and topics, not limited to politics and religion are banned from non- relevant channels.

  • Do not post any content that could be deemed illegal or bring UKSN into disrepute.

  • UKSN holds a strict policy of inclusion, as such, members posting xenophobic, racist, or prejudiced material will not be tolerated. Posts that defame an individual or group of individuals owing to their race or ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, or sexuality (the list is not exhaustive) will be removed and a suspension to their account will be applied.

  • No publishing of personal information (including addresses, passwords, bank account and credit card information, etc.).

  • Self-promotion, soliciting goods or service and promotion of UKSN competitors is prohibited.

  • If you have any issues with UKSN or its services please contact us privately through the correct channels.

  • Defamation (or slander) of UKSN, related groups, partners and their companies will result in an immediate ban and potential legal action.

  • 'Staff' / Mods decisions are final.



By purchasing membership, using our social media platforms, websites, attending events, camps and activities or wearing UKSN merchandise you automatically agree to our code of conduct.

To Download the complete UKSN Code of Conduct CLICK HERE.