Meet UKSN, an outdoor organisation with BIG ideas!

UKSN was created to bring together the whole outdoor community. Whether you enjoy adventure, bushcraft, self-sufficiency, survival & prepping, bushcraft or just camping - UKSN is for you!

Be more adventurous - Be more outdoor  - Be more UKSN

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The UKSN was originally founded in 2014 after areas of the UK and Ireland were battered with heavy floods. This led to the realisation that we needed to both prepare for the future and work together as a community in times of need.

After doing weeks of research, Glyn (our founder) came across a multitude of prepping and survival groups but something became blindly clear. To many had an overly negative outlook and a heavily alpha male, macho culture.

From this, UKSN was born. With the help of a team of forward thinking, knowledgeable individuals we created one of the most family friendly UK wide, outdoor, bushcraft, self sufficiency and emergency preparation networks. From survivalists and bushcrafters to campers and outdoor pursuits enthusiasts.

The UKSN has something for everyone! 

"The UKSN isn’t about the end of the world, its about being prepared for what life throws your way and having the knowledge and skills to deal with it head on".

Glyn Smith
UKSN Director


Aims and Objectives

Primary Initiative

The UKSN’s primary initiative is to connect members of the outdoor, bushcraft, survival and prepper communities creating an online and offline community which allows communication, information sharing and education relating to outdoor skills and activities, self sufficiency, bushcraft, survival, local and national emergencies and camping.

Secondary Initiative

UKSN’s secondary initiative is to encourage individuals, families and children to get outdoors camping and interacting with the environment utilising STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Mathematics) principles.


Current Objectives

  • Events and activities designed to build upon a members skills within a relatively, ‘controlled’ environment.

  • ‘Wild’, ‘semi wild’ and luxury camping experiences.

  • Educating individuals, children and families utilising STEAM skills under the brand ‘TRIBE’.

  • Establishing UKSN Regions and Charters

  • Introduce a UKSN support system across the country to help members who are in need of assistance or aid.

  • Operating a communication network that connects members across the country and allows us to conduct UK / regional operations, activities and emergency drills from a central or mobile location.

What Makes UKSN Special?

The UKSN is very special in many ways from how we operate to what we offer. Lets take a look at what makes us different:

  • The UKSN have a fully formed Constitution , Code of Conduct, Child protection Policy and Anti Bullying Policy in place. These form the backbone of UKSN and dictate our operating procedures.

  • The UKSN hold a special type of Forest School Insurance in addition to Public Liability Insurance. You can rest assured our team is insured to run events, bushcraft and more!    

  • Our TRIBE Team all hold Advance DBS certificates for your complete piece of mind.    

  • We have a radio licence from OFCOM that allows you to communicate with other members of the UKSN without having your own personal licence.

  • The UKSN is one of a small number of organisations to hold a Camping and Caravan Exemption Certificate in England, Scotland and Wales. This allows us to operate campsites for sole use by our members. It additionally grants us permission to Issue certificates to sites allowing them to operate under UKSN's guidance without needing planning permission or to apply for change of use for the land.    

  • We have a Small Society Lottery Licence allowing us to legally hold raffles and lotteries with all funds going towards making UKSN a bigger and better place.

  • We operate P1AN  – the official store of the UKSN which sells a range of UKSN merchandise and other goodies! The store helps contribute to the UKSN's overall operating costs so don't forget to make a regular visit.      

  • We manufacturer our own products in the UK titled 'UKSN Survival Gear'. From Fire kits to tinder's, we produce it all 'in house'.    

  • We are a registered LIMITED Company for legal reasons. This allows us to comply with relevant law and ensure we pay tax on anything we owe. Although LTD, we operate like a community organisation.      

  •  UKSN is actually trademarked.

UKSN is a friendly and welcoming community.



Rod Whiteman

A great place to meet like-minded individuals, and sharing info.  Excellent for anyone interested in prepping, bush-craft, survival skills or general outdoor living.

                              Colin Worley

I have been a member of UKSN for over 3 years now and I enjoy being part if this group which is like a big family and lots of fun.

                               Markus Rabl