Solar Generator Project – Can You help? Business Sponsorship?

Im proposing we build a solar generator for UKSN usage at CAMP 1 and other future main camps. The device will allow all SN1 members to freely charge any USB equipment such as phones, UV-5R radios and more on a fair use policy. It will additionally allow us to power lighting and other required equipment such as cameras.

What is a solar generator?

In short the device is a large battery bank that is charged via solar panels. This particular device will contain multiple USB ports to allow the fast charging of USB devices.

How can i help? 

If you are a UKSN member and want to help fund the project with whatever spare ‘change’ you have – Click the link below. Alternatively if you have any spare equipment to donate please get in touch by emailing

Simply click  >>>>>HERE<<<<<< to donate


I run a business and want to help – What do i get in return?

In return for your £60+ donation you get:

  • Your logo on the main project case
  • Your logo and website on a large banner which will advertise to members how to use the box. This will be displayed at camps and events.
  • A thank you post on our public facing Facebook page, website and main group.

Simply email to learn more or donate by clicking the link below.

Simply click >>>>>HERE<<<<<< to donate


Thank you for reading!




  • Ian M for donating the heavy duty Amazon rack case 8/2/16




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