Suspicious package/possible IED guidelines

Suspicious package/possible IED guidelines


Dial 999

Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321

We want you to look out for the unusual – some activity or behaviour which strikes you as not quite right and out of place in your normal day to day lives. You may feel it’s probably nothing, but unless you trust your instincts and tell us we won’t be able to judge whether the information you have is important or not. Remember, no piece of information is considered too small or insignificant.


If you come across a package, bag or item that you feel could be dangerous follow these steps.


Step 1.  

DO NOT touch the item or disturb it in anyway.


Step 2.

Contact the police via 999 or the hotline above.


Step 3.

Move yourself and others away from the item in a calm and safe manner.


Step 4.

Once clear of the immediate area await the police response and be observant to suspicious people or activity.


Step 5.

Be prepared to provide any information to officers as even insignificant details may prove useful.


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  1. IcePax (SN0107) - March 29, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    an easy thing to remember is the H.O.T. protocol that is followed by British Transport Police
    • Is the object HIDDEN?
    • Is the object OBVIOUSLY suspicious?
    • Is the object TYPICAL of the environment in which it was found.

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