The myth of the prepper / survivalist.

The media have created the myth of the prepper/survivalist.
They are portrayed as strange hoarding folk that wish for the end of the world as we know it so they can smugly produce cans of beans whilst others starve.

I’m going to try to burst that bubble.

We have a spare tire in the car. We don’t want to get a puncture but we carry the spare.
We have insurance for the house, we don’t want to be burgled but we have insurance.

Prepping is the spare tire, the insurance policy.
It is a buffer for when times get bad, job loss, sickness or bad weather. It is also a buffer should there be a bigger disaster.
We live on an island that doesn’t produce all its own food. A disruption to the supply chain would mean severe restrictions on what food is available.
Rationing was imposed during WW2 and beyond because of this.

We keep a little extra in, a few more cans and packets of food.
A pantry like grandma used to have, bits an pieces that can be used to make “meals from nothing”.

If severe weather hits the UK the distribution networks would struggle to maintain power to homes, so we have a few battery lights and some candles.

We have first aid kits, a decent one in the house and a basic one in the car.

We are putting together “bug out bags”, this is just a buzzword for “a bag with everything you might need if you have to leave home for a short period of time”
You can see why the term was coined, it’s a bit of a mouthful.
The bug out bag is another insurance policy, it has some food, water, shelter and change of clothes. It can be used for a hospital stay, an emergency evacuation (i.e. flooding), or for an overnight bag for an impromptu camping trip.

Prepared folk aren’t nutjobs, they are taking sensible precautions against possible problems.

Carl Alpha-Greywolf